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About Us


The Amateur Athletic Union is a national organization dedicated to amateur sports and physical fitness programs. Please see our links page for websites that can provide additional information re the national and local associations.

The Panthers may hold open tryouts in the fall and winter, or we may simply invite players to our workout sessions depending on the team. Tryout and workout session information can be found on our website.

If unavoidable conflicts arise, please make them known John Griff (Girls teams).

There are normally 1-2 teams in each age group. Teams are assembled according to ability and commitment level.

Age groupings are determined by the AAU, but are for all practical purposes aligned with grade level.

A complete effort. Additionally, it is expected that players will attend all practices and be available for all games. There will always be conflicts, and all Panther coaches are sensitive to player and family commitments outside basketball. However, absences are disruptive to teams and impact a player's teammates. Communication with coaches is an essential ingredient to managing conflicts successfully.

Teams typically have two to three practices per week mid March through June; High School age teams practice through July and during the fall. Teams will play in 8 to 14 tournaments, mostly on weekends. High School age teams play in the nation's premier showcase tournaments geared to college recruiting. Tournaments for all ages typically include four to eight games depending on format and how well a team does.

The fee for the spring and summer season is $1350. The fee for the fall season (certain teams only) is $400. The fees do not cover the cost of travel. However, a portion of travel expenses is defrayed through the Club's fund raising efforts.

The Club conducts various fund raising efforts throughout the year including: soliciting corporate and personal donations, raffles, etc. Individual teams may conduct discreet fund raising efforts depending on the expense of their travel schedule.

Panther officers and senior coaches are volunteers. Younger coaches mat receive a stipend.

There are few professions or even roles in which an individual is addressed by his or her title. 'Coach' is one of them, and we are aware of the enormous responsibility the title implies. The Panthers seek and select coaches who have a passion for teaching and for the game. Our coaches must prioritize player development, including the life lessons available through the game, above all else. We take great pains to select coaches who share the values described in our Mission Statement. Typically, our coaches have had significant experience as coaches and as players. The respective age groups require varying teaching and leadership skills, issues that the Club explores when interviewing prospective coaches.

Team communication disciplines are defined at the team level and are reviewed in the Parent Meeting after teams are selected.

The Panthers goals are clearly outlined in our Mission Statement, but briefly: development, in and out of the game of basketball; exposure to college coaches, and the successful recruitment of all players; and competing successfully on the national stage. Please see the Mission Statement tab on our Home page for a more complete description.